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Our Library

The School has a well-equipped library with books in all disciplines of knowledge.  A trained librarian is available to guide the students.

    1. Students are allowed to use the library in their respective library periods along with the concerned teachers.
    2 (a) Books should be checked before being taken out of the library at the time of issuing. Any writing, marking, underlining on library books is absolutely forbidden. (b) In case a student loses or causes damage to a book he/she will have to replace it with a new copy, or pay the cost of it.
    3. Books are issued to students for seven days only.
    4. Books should be imposed on books returned on the due date. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be imposed on books returned after the due date.
    5. Reference books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers are available for common use and are not issued to the students.
    6. Students are not permitted to bring their personal books to the library.
    7. Silence is to be observed in the Library. 8. Each students shall be record in his/her diary names of the books other than the text books he/she has read during the session. These entries will be counter signed by the Librarian.