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The School has its own buses for transporting the students from different localities to the school and vice versa. Bus charges can be revised whenever necessary due to hike in the petrol and diesel prices or in the government taxes. Buses will pickup and drop the student from a central point only. Bus routes are fixed and are normally not changed.

  1. School transport is available as an additional facility that may be utilized on payment as per conveyance fee.
  2. Bus routes/stops/timings have been worked out to minimize commuting time and hence requests for additional stops or for keeping the bus waiting will not be entertained.
  3. Temporary change of bus route will not be permitted under any circumstances.
  4. To avail school transport, the Conveyance Form available in the office is to be filled up and payment made as stipulated.
  5. A bus identity card will be issued which is to be carried everyday. Incase of loss, a duplicate card will be issued at a cost of 50/-
  6. Incase of a shift in residence, the bus identity card will have to be surrendered. A fresh form will have to be filled up at the office and a new one will be issued thereafter.
  7. Transport charges will have to be paid for 12 months all cases.
  8. Transport facility cannot be withdrawn in the middle of the year except in case of change in residence. An application to this effect must be furnished three months in advance along with the proof of change of residence. In case of immediate withdrawals in the middle of the session, three months extra charges will be levied.

Bus rules to be followed :

  • a) The student is required to be at the stop 5 minutes before the given time.
  • b) If the bus is early, it will wait until the given time but not beyond that.
  • c) Should the bust be missed, the student must proceed to the next point and not stop the bus in between the halts.
  • d) Whenever a student needs to be taken home early by parents, a form has to be filled in at the office.
  • e) Vandalism such as breaking window-panes, tearing and cutting of seat covers, defacing the interior of the bus and any other related offence will result in heavy damage penalty and expulsion from the facility.