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Withdrawal of School Leaving/Transfer Certificate

  1. For getting Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate etc. the parents have to apply in writing.
  2. On receipt of approval from the Principal/Director, Transfer Certificate will be issued and parents can collect the T.C. of their ward(s) after seven days of the submission of the application.
  3. Transfer Certificate will not be issued under the following circumstances :
    • The parent/guardian who have failed to submit the Transfer Certificate from the previous school where the child had studied.
    • Failed to submit the Birth Certificate of their ward from Municipal Corporation of the area or Registrar of Birth & Death.
    • The dues pertaining to the school have not been paid.
  4. Student may be asked to leave the school on the following  grounds :
    • Non-payment of school dues.
    • Parents' repeatedly not meeting the teaches in the  school when called.
    • Using unfair means in any examination or attempting to influence any teacher.
    • Consistent unsatisfactory progress in studies.
    • Conduct harmful to others.
    • Any two detentions.
  5. Normally the application for withdrawal must be submitted by 28th/29th February of the current session.
  6. Parents /Guardians, who apply for the T.C. after 15th of March will be required to pay annual charges and one month tuition fee.
  7. Transfer cases of government  employees, army personnel and any other emergency cases will be considered on merit by the Principal/Director.